What books are popular on your side of the world?

A lot of us are or come from different parts of the world. Due to that, there are books or genres that can be super popular!

Living in Krakow for the past 8 months, I have realized a lot of Poles like Thrillers/Mysteries, at least that’s what I’ve experienced from my interactions and super small circle of people :sweat_smile:


Well it’s difficult to say which part of the world we are talking about :sweat_smile:
From my experience (as I’m Polish) - can confirm we kinda like Thrillers/Mysteries, but also it’s quite easy to convince us to try something else, like novels. Especially since Olga Tokarczuk got a Noble Prize last year - loads of my friends now are saying they plan (or already did) read her book. And of course Sapkowski (The Witcher).
While living in London I thought people were not reading this much actually. The ones I knew preferred podcasts or just Netflix TV series.
Now in Switzerland I have a very mixed working environment (Spanish, German, French, Swiss, Polish, Italian…) and it’s hard to say, but I believe the true “Swiss” likes history books (they are damn good at history of their country). I even tried to google what are the the most popular genres/authors there but I think I need to increase a number of my Swiss friends to find out :sweat_smile:
But I have to say it’s a very interesting question, especially if you try to look from a perspective of person that lives in a country he/she didn’t grow up!


@Pjoter that’s so cool you are surrounded by people who can speak all those languages! Let me know if you ever find out the popular Swiss books!

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