SwapReads 1st Newsletter

Great News!

We are kicking off the first series of our Newsletter which will feature book bloggers, authors, book reviews & recommendations, among other things!

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce SwapReads Community!

Our community will allow all us book lovers to have a place to come together, hang out, or discuss our fave stories, authors, genres! It doesn’t always have to be about books, either! If you’d like to share with the community anything that is interesting, we’d love to hear it!

- The SwapReads Team

Do you sometimes prefer listening to books, rather than reading?

If you like audio, check out Faria of @booksihavenotredyet.

Faria has her own podcast called Books I have not read yet and reads one chapter aloud every day, from books that would otherwise collect dust on to-be-read shelves.

Her current read is A Tale of Two Cities , by Charles Dickens. She does such a great job bringing this classic story to life with her calm and smooth voice. Check her out if you want to re-discover Dickens’ classic or immerse yourself in it for the first time!

Her podcast made us think:
What do you think about Audio vs Print vs Digital formats?

Join the discussion and tell us what you think in our community!

Author Feature: Lauren Smyth

Lauren is a 17-year-old published author living in Ohio. She first published her first novel Stories of the Night in July 2019, and has a new book, Made of Mercy, that just released in April of this year! If you like action and adventure, we recommend you check out her books!

Aside from her own projects, Lauren is also the lead writer for Achromia Games, the indie game studio that produced an intense action/adventure visual novel called OP9.

When she’s not writing or reading, Lauren enjoys music and photography.

Follow Lauren on IG to see her photography skills at work or ask her about her books!

Who were Jack the Rippers victims?

We came across this intriguing read, “The Five”, through Becca’s review of this brilliant story depicting the lives of Polly, Annie, Elisabeth, Catherine, and Mary Jane.

Thanks for this suggestion, Becca!

Follow Becca on IG for more book suggestions!

A lot of the knowledge we know about these brutal murders is just that 5 women were victims of this horrible crime. The Author, Hallie Rubenhold, a historian herself, did a wonderful job in telling these women’s untold stories of who they were before being branded only as just victims.

Book Recommendation from Beca, our co-founder

Beca has discovered she enjoys Historical Fiction and has recently finished reading, Beneath a Scarlet Sky, by Mark Sullivan.

This book is centered during WW2 in Italy and is based on the life of Pino Lella, who became a German Solider as a means to survive the war. After becoming injured and experiencing the ruthlessness and cruelty of the Nazi Occupation, Pino becomes a spy for the Allies.

Beca recommends this exciting tale of a real, forgotten hero, whose story has not been widely known full of love, action, and adventure!

Join Beca in her discussion about this book! Or recommend any Historical Fiction books Beca should read next!

Can someone say, Bookshelf goals!

We love @Okinmybook and her most aesthetic bookshelf! If you ever are in need of a book suggestion, visit her IG profile. She posts all the books she’s read in a convenient IG story highlights for each month!

Here are a few of her (& her Mom’s) current book recommendations for October:

  • The Little Friend , Donna Tartt
  • It Can’t Happen Here , Sinclair Lewis
  • The Tender Bar , J.R. Moehringer

That’s all for today, we hope you enjoy it!