So how dose swapping work?

How does swapping work in detail? I know we say what we want and what we are happy to give but, how do we get each others adressas and how much do we pay?


Great question, @CleverFox2!

When you are ready to request an available book from someone and are ready to “checkout,” you will be prompted to enter your address or the address where you want the book to be shipped. There are no manual exchanges of addresses with each other; you enter it all on SwapReads when it’s time to checkout. From there, you can pay for the shipping, which is less than $5. The price includes the media mail postage stamp, plus our maintenance and upkeep for the community and swapping websites! :slight_smile:

If someone requests a book from you, we give you 48 hours to accept or decline the request. If you accept the request, it will be up to you to mail the book when convenient to you and your schedule! We give you the option of printing the pre-paid label from your computer, or you can visit your local post office when it works best for you and show them the QR code we email you if you choose this option! The post office associate will scan the QR code and take care of the rest for you!

Let me know if you have any other questions; I’m here to help!

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Thank you :heart:

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You are most welcome!

@CleverFox2 thanks for asking this questions.

I thought I had requested a book but it was declined for some reason @Beca?

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Hi @Jessie_89!

I checked your swap history and show that the request went through just fine. It seems that the book owner declined it, they may have changed their mind or didn’t mean to place it up for swap!

Sorry that you experienced that, hopefully there will be more books in the near future you can still get!

Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you! Also, if you have any other support Q"s, you can also message us at: