Print, Audio or Digital Books?

I’m curious as to what you all prefer?

Personally, I like all 3 formats, haha!

Print is just print, you can’t replicate the feeling, smell of the actual physical book! Plus, many books have beautiful Cover art! (Anyone buy a book based on the cover alone? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Digital is great and satisfies that part of me that requires the instant gratification of being able to buy and read right away without going anywhere!

Then, of course, audio! It’s great to immerse yourself in the story and helps immerse yourself in the story! I actually read the first 4 books in the Red Rising Saga via audio, and it was a pretty cool experience! Most of the listening I did was during my 45 min to 1-hour commute to and fro home and work.

But I think if I had to choose, I’d still go for print books :open_book:

Are there any Pros and Cons you all have with each reading format? Or which format do you like best?


TOTALLY PRINT!!! I loveee the smell of new books. It just gives that total experience of reading that specific book with all the love the author has. Also, there are some cool bookmarks that you can use to keep your spot within the book.
I’ve tried digital but its doesn’t hold the same excitement as the printed book does. Forget it, if it’s a book on my phone…I just can’t do it. The convenience is there when it’s in digital format and that you can carry it anywhere without it weighing down your purse!
Audio is awesome too because you can listen and let your imagination go. I listen to audio books at times when cleaning or folding laundry. :laughing:

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Yeah! I’ve tried reading books on my phone and it’s not great!

For me it’s the same, definitely print comes first :slight_smile:
Kindle is my second and at the same time last choice, it’s especially convenient when I’m abroad and don’t want to wait for the package or can’t afford the shipping. I know that it makes perfect sense when I’m far from home and my own bookshelf, but I still miss the real paper and flipping the pages!

I don’t even consider reading on mobile or tablet :smiley: I have enough screentime on a daily basis, and reading for me is a way to break the routine, so definitely screens can’t be involved.
Audio is a no-no for me as well, I tried it a few times and just couldn’t stay focused. Every 10 minutes I had to go 8 minutes back because my mind was wandering — I didn’t remember anything of what I heard without even realizing that :sweat_smile:
When I think about it now, maybe just the story/voice was not engaging enough — need to give it another try in the near future.


I can see that! Do you have trouble concentrating on podcasts? Audio was never a problem for me because I usually listen to podcasts and can focus pretty ok.

It’s much easier with podcasts because they are shorter and usually each episode is a standalone interview/discussion, so it’s more like active learning where I must stay focused to not miss some important, eye-opening insight :wink:

I’m pretty sure that with a 10-hour long podcast I’d have similar problems with paying attention to what I hear :smiley:

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Exactly same for me! I just can’t focus on audio books and I need to read a book on my own anyway.

For me, first place for digital and my Kindle - It does not take a space at home, I can bring a lot of book with me when I am going on holiday (also no need to take a 2nd paper book each time when I am nearly finished a book) and it is easier for me to find a comfortable reading position. :see_no_evil:

Then of course prints :blush:


I’ve actually become quite a fan of digital these past 2-3 years once I got this local library app called Libby which lets you check out books on your phone for free. It also returns the books so there’s never any late fees - which I am so guilty of.

I love print as well, but since I typically never re-read books, I found it wasteful to purchase a book that I will only read once.

I’ve only tried a few audio books and I also had a hard time following along, but I think I just wasn’t very engaged with the storyline and/or the voice reading it to me!


Ooo, I’ve heard of Libby before! And yeah, late fees are never fun at the library! :slight_smile:

Also, welcome to our community! :heart:

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As I’m travelling quite a lot, I get used to Kindle and ebooks - it’s so light and handy!
I have nothing against printed books, still have them on my shelves, but in general when I consider getting a new book, then it’s usually an digital one :slight_smile:
But I have to admit, I can’t imagine some books in a digital version, such as books about running or… scientific textbooks - no way I could learn to an exam from Kindle :sweat_smile:


Hi Piotr! Welcome to our community! :smile:

I can definitely agree! Digital books are super convenient when traveling or if you just don’t want to deal with print books!
All this talk of formats makes me wonder what future ones, if any we will have in order to read! Holograms? Eyewear, or maybe we will get to a point of just downloading it into our brains? Who knows, I am certain the current formats will stay as-is for a very long time! :robot:

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Oh yes! I have that app as well it is very convenient and the choices are infinite.

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I personally like print the most (paperbacks especially), then digital (if I have to :grimacing:) and I’ve never tried an audio book so of course down at the bottom it is.


I grew up on paperbacks, so I’m there with you!
Give Audio a try when you can – I think it might depend on the book/story, but I found it helped me get into the book more. :blush:

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I’m going to give it a try, but I cannot for the life of me focus if the words aren’t in front of me haha


:stuck_out_tongue: It happens!

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Yesssss! I feel so much better knowing that it’s not only me :see_no_evil:

Fact for today :nerd_face: – in the US 90% of all the readers still read print.
Also, ebooks are getting less popular, with the audiobooks on the rise!

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I knew I was onto something with Audio! :stuck_out_tongue: !

haha but of course, it all comes down to preference :wink: - thanks for sharing the knowledge @mike !