LatinX Authors/Books

I’m also curious to dabble more into stories that feature LatinX characters or written by LatinX Authors!

I’ve been hearing more about Mexican Gothic. But I’m a bit on the fence to read it, I’m not a huge fan of gothic and horror genres!

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! :pray:t4:


I’ve just started Furia by Yamile Saied Mendez. The first chapter is interesting (that’s how far I got as I am also reading the Devil in the White City.) I’ll keep you posted.

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@Beca I don’t know exactly which countries can be identified as LatinX ones :wink: but if Jamaica counts in, then definitely Marlon James “A Brief History of Seven Killings” and “The Book of Night Women”. For me, as I’m European, I didn’t know anything about this region before and it was very interesting to dig into Jamaican history in two very different periods of time.
Apart from this, a classic masterpiece of Colombian writer, one of my favourite books ever read: “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel García Márquez. I basically could not stop reading!
If you have any other recommendations for LatinX books, please share some, as I’m finalising my TBR list for next year! :wink:

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OoOO I just looked it up and read the synopsis! I’ve added it to my TBR as I have never hear of a book that highlights a female athlete like this! So cool! Thanks so much @mia2011 :ok_hand:t4: :relaxed:

Thanks, @Pjoter! I’ve read his book, Love in the Time of Cholera, but have yet to read this one! I’ll have to add it and check it out!
I recommend checking out Isabel Allende’s series of The City of Beasts. I know you said you don’t like fiction, but I think if you give it a try, you might enjoy it. It’s a coming of age kind of story along with adventure!

I googled LatinX authors a while ago and had bookmarked this list. It features a few LatinX authors and their books. Hopefully, you find one you may like or find interesting! :slight_smile:

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