I've changed my mindset of how to read books

I’ve always been a reader, although I will admit, not as much as I was when I was much younger. I’ve started to pick it back up again these last 2 years, more so this year and thanks to my boyfriend! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Before, I always made the excuse as the older I got of, “I can’t make the time, I’m too busy etc”, but really it’s all just BS! Plus, for some reason, we are taught that we must read one book at a time or only start a new book when finished with another. So for a long time, I wouldn’t pick up a new book, even though I was excited about it because I hadn’t finished the one I was currently reading! Kinda limits you, no? My wonderful boyfriend showed me this article: Everything I Knew About Reading Was Wrong | Hacker Noon

After reading the article, my mind was blown! This particular quote really resonated with me, “The right book for the right person is not enough. It needs to be the right book, for the right person at the right time.” I’ve taken that to heart and have begun reading on the kind of mood I’m in. I’ve found it helps me immerse myself more in the book as well as enjoy the story more! The article also expands on how it’s ok to quit books you’re not really into at the moment and start reading the book(s) you really want! It’s a pretty cool mindset to practice and is helping me read more!

What do you guys think about this article? Anything in there that you do currently or have any other tips about reading? I’d love to know!

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Lol hence the pile of books on the currently reading pile. There are so manyyy books that are so interesting! If it tickles my fancy then I stop the one I’m reading then I start that one then I go back to finish the others. I try to keep it to a min of 7 or 8 and this has totally worked for me. I’ve also started to keep a reading log to stay sorta on track but to remind my older self why I loved to read that specific book and what I thought of the plot and characters.

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OOhh! I didn’t know you kept track of them! That’s pretty cool, I never really thought of doing that! It’s sorta like journaling! LOVE IT!

Yeah I need to practice this :sweat_smile: Some time ago I read a book which I didn’t enjoy, I was kinda struggling to finish it. The problem was that it was just the first novel in a trilogy :grimacing:
What did I do, knowing how bad the first part was? I read the remaining two parts (the entire trilogy is 1500 pages in total) just to see if the story gets any better… Guess what, it didn’t get better :smiley:

So yes, I’ve learned that it’s totally OK to not finish every single book you start reading — especially if it will save you from reading the entire series :smiley:


Omg :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: I would have just stopped at book #1.

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@rarredond05 is there a book you stopped reading after the first few pages? :thinking:

Yes lol they were that bad that I don’t recall the titles!

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It happens! haha!