Historical Fiction Recommendations!

So I have recently discovered I enjoy Historical Fiction a lot! My last 2 books have been in this genre particularly during WW2 and the Holocaust.

I would love more recommendations, and if possible some historical fiction centered around Greek Mythology! :nerd_face:

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You should check out Phillipa Gregory. She is one of my favorite authors and has several books about English history. :thinking::thinking::thinking: on Greek Mythology… Percy Jackson and the Olympians series are good.


I will check her out! Thank you!

Hmm I’ve never really had an interest in Percy Jackson, but maybe I’ll check them out! You and I have pretty similar tastes in books so I will take your word for it that they are good! :blush:

Hi Beca

I agree with @rarredond05 on Phillipa Gregory. I read White Queen, Red Queen and Lady of the Rivers. Her storytelling is riveting. For Greek Mythology, I read Circe, which I loved and it is highly recommended by plenty across the globe. Piranesi is another recommended title but I haven’t got my hands on it yet.

I have a concern though. Historical fiction as a genre is a very western domain. We rarely see historical fiction that encompasses non-western cultures. Especially so when the narrative portrays WWI or WWII. I’m like: it wasn’t called a “world” war just to be portrayed in fiction exclusively in Europe. Is it just me who senses this?


I’ve never thought about it that way :thinking: that’s a great point to call out! It would definitely be interesting to be have more books depicting the struggles of non western cultures during world wars and how they felt the impact of these events. I may just have to google and see what’s out there! If u know of any or come across some let me know! :slight_smile:

This is definitely on my TBR!! Im excited to read it!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hi, Everyone! I hope all of you are doing great!! :slight_smile:

I started reading a new book called, The Empress. It’s based on Princess Charlotte from Belgium. She and her husband, Maximillian I of Austria were the first and last Empress and Emperor of Mexico.
This book reads in the third person and mostly involves Charlotte, but it also narrates the lives and stories of many people involved within Mexico’s government and how Mexican loyal (Conservatives) to the European crown and way of living wanted to prop up a foreign Emperor - Maximillian and Charlotte. Napoleon III decided to send Maximilian and Charlotte on this mission.

Charlotte, at first was in love with Max but was disappointed over the years as he never loved her back. I think he preferred male company rather than the female company. Trapped in a loveless marriage, Charlotte has an affair all while trying to maintain her and Max’s seat of power in Mexico and hold sway with Napoleon III.

I’m a bit through half of the book and so far it’s ok. I thought it would be a little bit more in-depth into her own life, rather than throw the many different narratives. Overall I think it’s cool because I remember going to school when we still lived in Mexico and hearing about Princess Carlota when we were learning Mexican History. I was pretty young when we left Mexico so, I don’t remember much of the history, except the most popular names of Hildalgo, Morelos, Zapata, Juarez, etc. So it’s been cool to delve a little deeper into this part of Mexico’s history!

Just thought I’d shared it here! <3


I have heard a few podcasts on Mexican History and yes poor Charlotte! Once you’re done with that book I recommend reading about Max’s sister in law Sissi (Empress Elisabeth of Austria) . She was married to Franz Joseph I of Austria which was Maximilian’s brother…which is another sad but interesting story. Based on podcasts and books I’ve read on her, she got along very well with Max and she was devastated when she heard he died in Mexico. Anyways back to Max and Charlotte they contributed a lot to the finer arts in Mexico. Even today a lot of the items they brought can be found in the Chapultepec Castle which is where they lived.


WOW! That’s so cool! It also mentions in the book, that Charlotte wanted Austria to return Moctezuma’s headdress, but was not successful. To this day, it’s still in Austria.

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