Dark Age - Pierce Brown

I finally finished Dark Age, by Pierce Brown!

MAAAN! THIS BOOK WAS A DOOZY! It’s 704 pages of pure war, darkness, gore and chaos!

I have to say, I was pretty bored at the beginning of the book, but man did it get dark.

There are going to be some spoilers, which I’ll cover and you may uncover at your own discretion!

SO FIRST and foremost. My heart broke when Victra gave birth to Ulysses, just for him to be killed and nailed to a tree by the Red Hand. I was soooo MAD and totally teared up a little bit. Plus, it kinds sucked that Sevro never actually met his first and only son. :pleading_face:
Anyone else feel the feels when they got to this part?
Also, I am pretty sad Lysander killed Alexander :expressionless: He didn’t have to do him like that, sigh. I wanted to see where Rhonna and Alex were gonna take their relationship. It would have been cute for them to get together.
And then last, but not least: CASSIUS IS ALIVE?!?! :exploding_head: :exploding_head: I can’t wait to know what happened to him and how the heck he survived, but also he saved Darrow? Such a complicated mess those two are TBH.

Anyone else read Dark Age, yet?