Criminal & thriller books

As I’ve already added some thought regarding criminal & thriller books in What are you reading now? topic, I wanted to create a separate topic for criminal books lover! If anyone enjoy a calm evening with a good detective/murder novels and a cup of hot tea (or glass of wine), please let me know about your recommendations and favorite authors.

Are there any other fans of Simon Beckett books? What’s your thoughts on Dr David Hunter series? Maybe you can recommend other authors that could be a perfect match for a fans of this series?

Let me know! :slight_smile:


HI @Amaire,
From crime & thriller books I can strongly recommend two authors: Jo Nesbo (Harry Hole series) and Bernard Minier (Martin Servaz series) - both are really gripping and I remember myself spending whole night reading just to know who was the murder :smiley: My favourite of Nesbo is definitely “The Snowman” - my mom is afraid of snowman since then :slight_smile: - but I have only the last one from his series (The Knife) and for me, even if the first one or 2 books are not so good, it’s better to go in the original order, as all books are linked. Same with Minier. Currently I’m taking a break from criminal novels, but I definitely plan to read the “Millenium” - do you know this one already?

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@Pjoter, Jo Nesbo is next on my list already and I already send some books to my Kindle reader. I recently finished Rizzoli & Isles series (Tess Gerritsen) and I need to finish both parts of Death’s Acre before. :blush:
But I do not know Bernard Minier - need to check! Thanks for your recommendation.


Just make sure to read them in the correct order — don’t make the same mistake I made :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile:

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