Becoming - Michelle Obama

This is one of the books I listened to on Audio.

I am actually glad I did :grin:

It was wonderful to better understand Michelle’s background, career progression, and her experience through her husband’s presidential run. She really is an all-around badass woman! Hearing her side of the story of being under that kind of scrutiny while being first lady, I honestly don’t know I could have handled it!

But the main thing I took away is how genuine, humble, and confident she is. I appreciate that even though she’s been a “hot-shot” lawyer then FLOTUS she always has kept herself grounded. To me, this book was about really looking into yourself, finding your inner strength, and going for it, fearlessly with your held head high!


I began reading this book and is still on my night stand in my pile of ongoing books to read :laughing::laughing: I have about 8 books in that pile lol

I love how fond she is of her humble beginnings and how proud she is to have had that experience as her foundation. I believe that helped her stay grounded when she became First Lady. Once I finish the book I will let you know what my opinion is. So far it’s a great read!

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Haha! I love your pile of books to read!! Keep on adding to it :crazy_face:!

And yeah! That’s what I love about her of how humble she stayed through it all! I think you’re gonna enjoy it! Can’t wait for you to read it so we can talk about more on here!!

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Love the image :laughing::laughing:
Did you know Michelle O. has a podcast on Spotify? You should check it out!


Oh yes girl! I’ve already listened to most of them!

I really liked it when she had Barack on there, they are so funny together :stuck_out_tongue:


Few more books and the pile will replace your nightstand :smile:

Not many people know but Michelle Obama also published a journal, which is a kind of an actionable supplement for the “Becoming”.

I heard good things about it and reviews seem to confirm it, so if you’ve read Michelle’s book and feel super inspired and want to “become” yourself - go get the journal! :smiley:


Yes, that was my fave! She needs to have him on there again :grinning:

Lol yes! Oooo I didn’t know she had a journal. I’ll check it out, thanks!

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